About me

Personal information

My name is Mark Wolff Jervelund.

I'm currently locaterd in Odense, Odense, where i'm working and Studying Computer Science on the masters level at the target="_blank" class='orange'>University of Southern Denmark.
My current hobbies are software projects(home automation), cooking, and Science.


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (November 2016 - Current)

My Job at The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is working on analytics tools, web services, and well as dev-ops.
To see more go to Ejsing Lab

Department of Biology (June 2018 - Current)

My Job at The Department Biology is assisting the head of the department with a conference and manging some of the web presence of the department

Fonden Universitetskollegiet i Odense (January 2019 - December 2019)

I am currently in the vice chairman for The Housing Committee.



Automated, Parallel Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Structural Identification of Lipids.

Ellis SR, Paine MRL, Eijkel GB, Pauling JK, Husen P, Jervelund M , Hermansson M, Ejsing CS#, Heeren RMA#.
Nat Methods 2018. #corresponding authors.


Masters - University of Southern Denmark (2018-Current)

I am studying computer science and currently in my 3rd semester at University of Southern Denmark.

Current semester

DM861, Concurrency Theory [10 ECTS]
IADM806, Individual Project in Computer Science [10 ECTS]

Finsihed Courses

DM873, Deep learning [10 ECTS]
DM847, Introduction to Bioinformatics [10 ECTS]
DM848, Microservice Programming [10 ECTS]
DM840: Algorithms in Cheminformatics [10 ECTS]

Bachelor - University of Southern Denmark (2015-Current)

I finished my bachelor in computer science from the University of Southern Denmark in the summer of 2018.

Sixth semester

BADM501, Bachelor Project in Compiler Construction [15 ECTS]
DM546, Compiler Construction [5 ECTS]
DM553, Complexity and Computability[10 ECTS]

Fifth semester

DM818, Parallel Computing [10 ECTS]
DM557, Networks and Security [10 ECTS]
DM559, Algorithms and probablilty [10 ECTS]

Fourth semester

DM510, Operating Systems [10 ECTS]
DM556, Database Management Systems [10 ECTS]
DM559, Linear algebra and integer programming [7.5 ECTS]
NATI511, nnovation project [2.5 ECTS]

Third semester

DM552, Programming Languages [10 ECTS] (Prolog & Haskell)
DM548, Computer Architecture [10 ECTS] (Assembly)
DM555, Data Mining and Statistical Learning [10 ECTS] (Data Mining tools & R)

Second semester

DM507, Algorithms and Data Structures [10 ECTS]
DM519, Concurrent Programming [5 ECTS]
DM505, Database Design and Programming [5 ECTS]
FF501 First Year Project (Number Plate Scanner using C++ & OpenCV) [10 ECTS]

First semester

DM549, Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science [10 ECTS]
DM534, Introduction to Computer Science [5 ECTS]
DM550, Introduction to Programming [10 ECTS]
FF500: Introduction to Courses, Research and Community [5 ECTS]

Gymnasium - HTX Sønderborg (2012-2015))

HTX Sønderborg
I went to college at HTX Sønderborg where I specialized in Natural Sciences.
It's a General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate
High level (A)

Mathematics, Physics, Technical Science, English, and Danish.

Mid Level (B)

Technology, Chemistry, Biology and Communication/ICT.

Low level (C)

History of Technology, Programming and Social Science.

Primary and lower secondary school - Havnbjerg skole (2002-2012)

Merged with Nordals Skolen
Primary and lower secondary school.



Campus House (January 2016-2018)

I am currently working on the website for Campus House where I mainly hack cmsmadesimple, and write content.
Started in January 2016, Migrated the site to wordpress in summer 2018 to make it easier for other users to use, and since CMSmadesimple is a lagacy system

Campus House Housing Committee (2015-2018)

I am currently in the Committee and was the treasurer from 2015 to december 2018 for The Housing Committee.


Campus House Housing Committee (2015-2018)

I was in the the treasurer for The Housing Committee.

EUC-Lan (2012-2015)

Main planner, system admin at EUC-Lan from when i started at EUC-syd in 2012 to when i moved to odense in 2015.
At EUC-Lan i was one of the main planers and co-founder of what it is today. i did most things, from booking the venue to setting up posters.
My tasks at the events were.

  • Finding volunteers.
  • Finding and booking a venue.
  • Sourcing networking gear.
  • Doing the electrical calculations to avoid blowing all the fuses.
  • Sponsorship deals.
  • Configuration of physical network, and virtual networks.
  • Configuration of caching servers.(mainly Steampipe)
  • Configuration of VoIP servers and game servers.
  • Configuration of caching servers.
  • Making sure the danish fire regulations are followed.

The comapnies that I negotiated sponsorship deals with include: Red Bull, Cocio, Valve Software, Razer, Fratal Design And Sharkgaming.

Semesterstartsfesten (17th of September 2016)

Setup of bar and dining area and bartending at the Semesterstartsfesten of 2016

Nordborg Roklub (2012-2015)

Youth trainer at Nordborg Roklub