First Post

28th November 2017 at 10:38 PM

But why? Because I say "Why not?"

So i got bored to I'm going to start writing down some random things on here. This will be everything from small projects i'm working on to some of my cooking. This page will develop a lot as i do more work on it. but lets see what happens.
But to get in on a more serious topic, i just need to start writing more. code more, and just do more things, and this seems like a good way to improve my web coding and my writing skills. I haven't yet decided if i should add some kind of comment section, or if i should add anything else. next project atm, is to do some each post gets a dynamic subpart and so that all posts gets added to the main blog page when i add the .php file to the /blog folder. So many things to do. so little time.
- Mark Jervelund