Wine rack is almost finished!

1st December 2017 at 00:56 AM

Who doesn't like a bit of CAD?"

I've been doing a bit more work on the wine rack, I was supposed to have gone to an introduction thing at Cortex lab so I was allowed to use the laser cutter there, but I found out I started at 1 and was not a thing you could just show up for so current ETA for the first prototype is currently next Thursday, so lets see what happens.

Design wise I've working a bit more on the drawing it, I've added the middle pieces and I've changed the dimensions to 56.5 cm x 27 cm compared to 57 cm x 27 cm before, this is due to my cabinet being 57, and I'd like some wiggle room, just to be sure, it fits. Furthermore I've added the cross going supporting struts and I have worked a bit more on some design options but, as things are at the moment I'll just want a plain simple looking wine rack

I have considered using the space in-between the middle 3 bottles for storage of wine gear. but I fear it's going to be something that means I'll have to postpone the first prototype so I'd rather just make what I have now, use it a bit, and improve it in the ways that I can.

The biggest problem with this project so far has been relearning to use a cad program, last time I used one was in gymnasium and that was very limited as two of the guys in my group had spent two years working with CAD, and technical drawing.

There's a bit of a learning curve when you're just doing things, but who doesn't like learning new skills?