Messing around with cloud computing

8th December 2017 at 16:00 PM

Like in the Sky?

I was tasked at work with moving some of the web infrastructure from a web hotel, with very limited access and permissions to a virtual machine which allows us to do more things. I messed around with a few different hosts, mainly amazon and digital ocean, and I went with Digital Ocean after reading a bit up on it online, as they have best performance per core, as well as having free support. If I were to break something beyond repair. then I'd be in good hands, or hopefully I would be.

What we need to host is just a some web services, as well as a medium sized database that's need by the web services and well as some data analysis tools.

I setup this site as a test server, so I could get familiar with the performance as well firewalls, storage and just not having hardware access. So currently I'm running a clone of my own database, this site, and my API's on here, I'll probably be throwing some more things on here, but as i have my dedicated server and as many of them are quite CPU and storage intensive I highly doubt it'd be worth the cost.